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Hi! Welcome to my pride and joy FunkyEnough.

My name is Courteney, 24 from Swansea. I am now based in Bristol after falling in love with the city.

I specialise in Quirky, Unique yet professional brand identities that stand out from the rest. I Design all branding & Website Design at FunkyEnough.


I decided I wanted to be a Graphic Designer through lockdown 2020, I am a self taught designer with a growing list of clients. My passion for design is forever growing and brings me so much enjoyment watching other business thrive with the power of amazing branding & Websites. Over the last 3 years I’ve worked with over 200 businesses all around the world helping them to reach their full potential.

2023 I decided to take FunkyEnough to the next step and finally have other services available for all the amazing businesses, Funky now has an amazing Social Media Manager, Website Designers and more to come.

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Courteney - The designer

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